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White Plains Mac Repair

We will diagnose your issue to determine whether it is hardware or software-related, and discuss your options.

Tarrytown Apple Computer Service/Repair

Once we have the go-ahead, we will service your machine. This could include repairs and upgrades to your computer’s hardware and fresh installation or updates of software.

Rockland County Apple Computer Repair

We will restore your system, and have it up and running again in no time. Let our Apple experts save you time, hassle and money by providing quick and affordable service.

Apple Mac Repairs & Upgrades – in Rockland County, Tarrytown & White Plains

Are you having issues with your Apple computer? Whether you own a MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac or Mac Pro, we know how frustrating it can be when your computer starts showing signs of a problem. Perhaps it’s running slowly or showing you errors. Avoid long wait times at your local Apple store, and bring it to us instead. We will diagnose the problem, and come up with an effective solution to fix it.

Super Software provides a variety of top-notch Apple Macintosh repairs and upgrades for business and individual clients throughout Rockland, Westchester and Bergen Counties. From RAM and hard drive upgrades to virus and malware removal, we have the skills and experience to get your machine back in great working condition. Whether you have an iMac, Mac Pro or Macbook Pro, we will assess your situation and figure out the most cost-effective solution.


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Are you experiencing issues with your Apple Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook?
Click below, fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with you regarding your Apple Mac problem.

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Apple Mac Services in White Plains, Tarrytown & Rockland Co.


Once we receive your machine, we will diagnose the problem to see exactly what is going on. At this stage, we will not make any repairs, but will simply inform you of the issues at hand, and what it will cost you for the repair, including both labor and replacement parts (if applicable).

RAM and Hard Drive Upgrades

Is your machine running slowly? Oftentimes, a simple RAM or Hard Drive upgrade is all you need to get your machine running smoothly again. We work with vendors who offer RAM and hard drives for much less than Apple. With our extensive knowledge, we know what upgrades are compatible with your machine, and which ones will provide the maximum benefit.

Screen and Power Problems

There are a number of hardware issues that Apple – and other – computers may experience, including both screen and power problems. Sometimes a component of these systems simply stops working. The installation of memory or a drive that is incompatible with your system could render your screen and power systems useless as well.

Operating System Re-Installs

In some cases, all your computer needs is to have its operating system re-installed. Whether there are corrupt system files present, you have accidentally locked yourself out of your account or mistakenly deleted data necessary for your machine to operate, a fresh install of your version of OS X can fix a number of problematic issues.

Error Resolution

Computers are complicated machines, and can be plagued by a number of problems, including both hardware and software. If you have been noticing any kind of errors, we will help you diagnose the problem and come up with an effective solution to get your machine back in great shape.

Malware Removal

Has your machine been infected with malware? Malicious software (or malware) includes, viruses, worms, trojan horses and other kinds of software that can damage the software on your system or violate your privacy. You can inadvertently install malware on your computer by downloading content or applications from the internet or email. We will get rid of the malicious software on your machine, and let you know how you can best avoid it in the future.

Remote Support

In some cases, we may be able to help you through the use of a remote application. Using it, we can securely view your screen and answer some questions about certain issues you may be experiencing. This will not work in all cases, but may be helpful for some software or application-related issues. Of course, this does not apply to any hardware-related problems.

Super Software – Serving Rockland, Westchester & Bergen Since ’92

Super Software has been serving local businesses – in Rockland, Westchester and Bergen Counties – for over two decades, providing a wide range of top-notch computer and IT services. We have the skills and knowledge to complete any project, no matter the size or complexity. We offer personalized, custom solutions to discerning clients – from doctors and lawyers to small businesses and large corporations. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we know what solutions best fit any kind of computer or IT-related problem, and therefore are equipped to help you better than any of the other guys.

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