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We provide data recovery services
from a wide variety of drives & devices
including: memory cards, smartphones
hard drives, CDs/DVDs and more.


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We will evaluate your situation, and come up with the most effective and affordable data recovery option.

Data Recovery

We will recover your data for you or determine if you need physical data recovery.

Backup Plan

We will come up with an effective backup plan for the future, so always have a copy of your data.

Data Recovery Services

If you have been caught off-guard by a hard disk drive, device or memory card failure, Super Software may be able to help you get your precious data back. We have years of experience recovering lost files for all kinds of clients throughout Rockland (New City), Westchester (White Plains & Tarrytown) and Bergen Counties (Paramus & Ridgewood).

We can help you recover your valuable information from a variety of drives and devices, including the following:

– memory cards from digital cameras
– smart phones
– internal/external hard disk & solid state drives
– RAID, USB/flash drives
– optical CDs & DVDs

We have extensive data recovery knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest tools and applications. We will evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action for you to take.

Let’s discuss the files you lost, and figure out the fastest and least expensive method to recover them. We offer comprehensive creative services for the most affordable recovery options.

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Signs You Need Data Recovery in White Plains

1. Your hard drive is making weird noises, including: clicking, beeping, clunking, scratching, or any other noise that you normally don’t hear.
2. Your computer is freezing often and/or displaying the “blue screen of death.”
3. You try to boot your machine, and get a S.M.A.R.T. hard disk drive error.
4. You turn on your machine and get a general disk read error.
5. Your computer will not boot, but displays a blank gray screen or folder with a question mark on it.

We offer Rockland County lost data services.
Supersoft is your Rockland County data recovery source.
Looking for Rockland County media recovery ?
Rockland County hard drive repair since 1992.
We offer Westchester County lost data services.
Supersoft is Westchester County data recovery
Looking for Westchester County media recovery ?
Westchester County hard drive repair since 1992.
We offer White Plains lost data  services.
Supersoft is your White Plains data recovery source.
Looking for White Plains media recovery ?
White Plains hard drive repair since 1992.
We offer Tarrytown lost data services.
Supersoft is  your Tarrytown data recovery source.
Looking for Tarrytown media recovery ?
Tarrytown hard drive repair since 1992.

Physical Hard Drive Repair

In some cases the drive fails completely, it is a mechanical failure. This means that a physical component of the drive is broken and the drive platters (they look like thick small Compact Discs) cannot be read, rendering them useless. In these situations, you must send your drive off to a dust-free lab where they disassemble and reassemble the drive with replacement parts. Then, they copy your data from the damaged drive onto another drive.

Physical Data Recovery Service Areas

  • Tarrytown
  • White Plains
  • Westchester County
  • Rockland County
  • New City

Prevent the Need for Data Recovery

The best way to prepare for a hard drive, device or memory card failure or crash is to backup your files on a regular basis. Most computer experts agree with the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy – have 3 total copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different drives (e.g. your computer and an external hard drive), and 1 copy offsite (cloud-based remote backup). Why 2 onsite and 1 offsite?

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