Communication is Key

Let us streamline your internal communication using Google
applications. From email to calendars and much more,
Google apps makes it easy to get things done.


Easier Email

Transfer your email service to Gmail and keep your
personalized domain (e.g.
Sync your email accounts on all your devices easily with Gmail.


Effective Backup

With the help of Google Drive, we will implement a backup solution
for your most valuable office files. Make sure you have copies
of your important documents in case your hard drive fails.

Google Apps Experts

consultationWe will determine your needs, then discuss which Google Apps can help you streamline communication, file organization and much more.

Google Apps For Work Migrations

implementationOnce we decide which apps will benefit your business, we will install them and show you how they work. Also, we will answer any questions you may have about them.

Google Experts.

supportWe will help you come up with an effective plan for file backup and syncing to ensure your most important files are always easily accessible.

Google Apps Experts: Rockland Westchester Bergen

Are you looking for an easy and reliable method to streamline your office communications? From email to calendars to forms and much more, Google Apps makes it easy to keep your whole office “on the same page.” Super Software will come to your office and setup Google Apps for all of your employees. Simplify everything by syncing necessary documents and files between multiple users, and automatically backing up important documents and files.

Super Software has been serving businesses in the Hudson Valley (Rockland, Westchester, Orange and Bergen Counties) for over 20 years, and has the skills and experience for any IT project, no matter the size or scope. We pride ourselves on offering truly personalized service, and provide the best, most cost-effective solutions. Our goal is to make your business run more effectively through the use of quality equipment and software. Call us today to learn how we can improve the way your business operates.


Google Apps – Serving White Plains, Tarrytown, Rockland Area

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Streamline Communication, File Storage & Collaboration with Google Apps



Using Gmail, you can continue using your custom email ( and get up to 30GB of storage. It is totally compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Easily migrate your email from Outlook, Exchange or Lotus with custom tools that help you retain your important messages. You can use it to create as many specialized group mailing lists as you need, including ones for different departments (e.g. sales, marketing, accounting). Gmail makes it easy to access email across all devices, and even lets you read and create draft messages with no internet connection at all. Then it will automatically send your email when you are back online. In addition to email, you can use Gmail for chat, dial a customer’s phone number or even join a video call directly from your inbox with Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts

With Google Hangouts, you can easily connect with people via HD video, voice or text. Save your business both time and money, while getting the benefits of direct contact. You can even host High Definition video meetings with up to 25 different people. The software automatically focuses on the speaker and prevents background noise with the help of its intelligent muting feature. Google Hangouts is easy to use from anywhere, and completely accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet and even your smart phone. Share your screen to show everyone the latest slideshow, and even send out important links with the built-in chat feature. In addition to private Hangouts, you can host public Hangouts for product demonstrations or announcements. Your video conference is streamed live in HD, and then automatically posted to your YouTube channel.


Google Calendar makes it easy for your team to stay abreast of upcoming meetings and other company events by providing an integrated online calendar specifically designed for teams. Seamlessly integrated with Gmail, Google Drive, Sites and Hangouts, you and your teams will always know what lies around the corner. It allows you to schedule meetings intelligently by checking coworkers’ availability or seeing multiple calendars in a single window. Easily share calendars with event details or simply let others know you are free for a scheduled event. As with other Google products, you can easily access your calendar from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Google Calendar lets you publish calendars on the web where you can share special events with your customers or let people know when you are available. In addition, you can migrate your calendar from Outlook, Exchange and iCal, or import from .ics and .csv files.


Google Drive

Google Drive lets you keep all your important files in a secure location with online file storage. You can sync it among multiple users, and use it to easily collaborate and share files with others. Whether you’re on a computer, tablet or even a smart phone, Google Drive makes it easy to access important files, no matter where you are. Google offers multiple storage plans, and even has an unlimited one. You can sync all or some of your files to a folder on your computer. Then, if you make changes to those files, they are automatically updated on Google Drive. Another awesome feature is the ability to view all kinds of files on Google Drive without actually buying the software. This includes over 40 popular file formats, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and JPEGs, among others.



Using Google Docs, you can easily create and edit text documents in your browser without the need for any other software. You can even work simultaneously with others on the same document, and have all your changes saved automatically. Docs works with all kinds of popular file types, and gives you the ability to import your Microsoft Word documents and PDF files, then instantly edit them. Another great feature is the ability to track changes made to your documents, and undo any past edits. Old versions of the document are stored indefinitely, and don’t count towards your Drive storage. You can work across a wide variety of devices, and don’t even need to be connected to the internet if you’re using Chrome for Mac or PC.


Using Google Sheets, you can create spreadsheets in your browser without the need for dedicated software. From simple to do lists to data analysis with charts and filters, you can do it all with Google Sheets. It works with all kinds of popular file types, and gives you the ability to import and convert existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and then export them in .xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods, .pdf or .txt formats. You can create, edit and share spreadsheets from your smartphone, tablet or computer no matter where you are, and can even work in Sheets when you’re offline.


Google Forms makes it easy to create surveys and forms at no extra cost. Then, you can easily collect that data and analyze it in Google Sheets. Creating a form is as easy as making a document, with the ability to select from multiple question types, drag-and-drop questions to reorder them, and even use custom values in your form. You can also send image and video-rich surveys to customers that help you gain valuable feedback and insights about your product or service. Survey responses show up in real time, and you can access and analyze raw data using Google Sheets. You can share Google Forms easily via email, a link, website, Google+, Facebook or Twitter.


With Google Slides, you can create beautiful presentations in your browser with no software required. Build and edit together with another person or an entire team of people. You can control who has permission to edit, view or add comments to the presentation. Choose from one of our slide templates or create your own from scratch. You can visually enhance your slides by adding images, drawings, videos and transitions. View and present your slides on your phone or tablet, so you can practice your presentation up until it’s time to show it. With Google Slides, sharing is simple, with the ability to assign permissions for people to view and edit your slides, or easily convert them into another file type. Your presentations automatically get saved online, and old versions are kept forever.


With Google Sites, you can create websites for your teams, launch an intranet for your office or a portal for customers. Creating a site is simple, and consists of writing a document through an easy-to-use editor. You don’t need to rely on web developers to use Google Sites. Collaborate with your team and bring content together from your company’s latest projects, sales materials or details about an upcoming event. Improve your site by adding images, calendars, videos, maps, spreadsheets, and presentations. As with other Google products, you can easily manage user permissions, and decide who has access to view and/or edit your site.



Google Admin makes it easy to add users, manage devices, as well as control security and settings so your data remains safe. You have ultimate security and control through centralized administration, and can add/remove users, set-up groups and add extra security like SSO and 2-step verification. With Google Admin, you can manage all the apps on your employees’ iOS and Android devices, control security settings, check usage and lock or erase devices remotely. In addition, you will have access to 24/7 support from our support team.

Vault ($5/user per month)

With Google Vault, you can easily manage, retain, search and export your company’s email archive and on-the-record chat logs. Completely customize your archive for emails and chats by controlling how long your email messages and on-the-record chats are kept in the system. Using Google-powered search, you can easily find and retrieve valuable information, even from accounts that have been closed.

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Management, you can easily set-up and manage employee data on Android, iOS, Windows and other smartphones. Make sure your company data is safe in the event of a lost phone or stolen tablet. Mobile Device Management (MDM) will ensure that your important data does not fall into the wrong hands. MDM features include screen locks, strong passwords and device wipe, as well as selective account wipe on Android and iOS.

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Super Software has been serving local businesses – in Rockland, Westchester and Bergen Counties – for over two decades, providing a wide range of top-notch computer and IT services. We have the skills and knowledge to complete any project, no matter the size or complexity. We offer personalized, custom solutions to discerning clients – from doctors and lawyers to small businesses and large corporations. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we know what solutions best fit any kind of computer or IT-related problem, and therefore are equipped to help you better than any of the other guys.

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