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We provide a variety of extensive data backup
solutions for your home and office computers.
Have peace of mind, knowing your data is safe.


Data Recovery Features

Our data backup is comprehensive,
with a variety of useful features to make sure
your data can be restored easily and effectively.


Reseller Program

We offer training for resellers where we teach you
exactly how to set up your own data backup business
and reap 100% of the profit. Don't settle for tiny commissions!



consultationWe will help you decide which backup solution best fits your unique needs.

Backup Your Data

installationWe will install an effective backup solution, and ensure you have copies of all your files.

Scheduled Backups

maintenanceWe will regularly backup – hourly, daily, weekly – your data to ensure you have copies of all your latest files.

VISUAL BACKUP: DIY Remote Cloud Backup

Visual Backup is a remote (cloud based) backup service for PC, Apple and Linux. It’s perfect for resellers (consultants, pc repair shops) as you own the equipment & make ALL OF THE PROFITS.    We dont sell you the equipment — you know where to buy computers…   WE JUST TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED & HOW TO CONFIGURE IT !We offer a variety of backup solutions for your computers and even entire office networks. We know how vital your important files are to you, and have all the tools at our disposal to ensure your data remains safe. We will determine what kind of backup solutions best fit your needs, and implement a solid data backup strategy for you and your business.

White Label Cloud Backup for Resellers

Internet backup is a means by which your files, folders or all contents of your hard drive are regularly backed up to a remote server or computer with a network (internet) connection. The idea behind online backup is simple – by frequently saving your data to a remote hard drive, you practically eliminate the risk of losing your data as a result of fire, flood, theft, file corruption, hard drive failure or other disaster. If you have a high-speed internet connection, you can upload your data through a web browser interface. Encryption and password protection help to ensure your data is private and secure.

White Label Backup Service

Not sure you want to use our data backup services? Don’t worry. We offer no-hassle trial accounts so you can test our services without a long-term obligation.

Start Your Own Backup Business

Do you have a busy schedule with which it is hard to find time for an IT professional to come to your home or office? No problem, we can remotely install a variety of backup solutions on your computer.

Visual Backup for Resellers

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Data Recovery Features


In the field of data recovery, a bare-metal restore is one which allows a computer system to be restored from “bare metal,” or without any required installed software or operating system. It is especially useful because many computer owners do not have their original install CDs.

Universal Restore

Universal Restore technology allows for a computer’s system to be restored to any available machine, regardless of platform (Apple, PC, Linux). Among the benefits of Universal Restore are the following: no compatibility issues; migrate systems between physical & virtual platforms easily; avoid having to locate identical equipment; no need for wasting time reinstalling and setting up applications; and restore systems to a known, working condition quickly and accurately.


A versioning file system is one which allows multiple versions of the same file to exist in the same location at the same time. If you backup files using a service with file versioning, you can go back to previous versions of that file. This can be especially useful if you’d like to retrieve an older version of a document – or other file type – that you have since changed and saved over.

Data Backup Service for Resellers

Are you a fellow IT professional or firm that offers remote backup services to your clients? Don’t settle for paltry commissions reselling services from the big players in Cloud Backup (iDrive, CrashPlan, Carbonite, etc.). Get all the profit from your services using free backup software. Let Supersoftware show you how to leverage your technical knowledge to create a lucrative backup service that you can immediately start marketing to your customers.

We will help you get up and running, and provide detailed instructions regarding port forwarding, firewall issues and anything else so you can configure your own remote backup service. This service is infinitely scalable and can be easily marketed to a specific niche or industry. You can double your profits and provide an extra level of protection by offering both local and remote backup to your clients.

Stop giving away 80-90% of the money your clients spend on data backup! Don’t settle for Mozy, Carbonite & CrashPlan’s measly 10-20% reseller commission rates! Operate your very own backup service for the price of a hard drive & an idle PC, and earn 100% of the profit! Start slow & build an entire business.

It’s great because it can be administered & monitored by your current IT staff. In addition, it can be initially seeded & restores are quick and easy because they are .zip based.

Customers absolutely love it because with two clicks, they know when they last had a successful backup. It’s easy to edit backup jobs & multi-version restores. This service is easy to bill, configure & sells itself. You can even help your clients monitor their backups!

Cloud Backup Options

There are a number of online backup companies that provide a wide range of extensive backup services for individual consumers, small businesses and medium to large enterprises.


AOMEI Backupper Standard is an easy-to-use FREE PC backup, recovery and cloning software for the following Microsoft operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and 32/64-bit versions of Windows XP. AOMEI offers both bare-metal and universal restores, and can backup your data locally and/or remotely.

AOMEI backs up, restores and clones systems, disks, partitions, files and folders. Additionally, it provides file sync, schedule, incremental and differential backups to NAS, shared network folders, dynamic disk volumes, and GPT disks. It backs up and restores system drives based on the UEFI boot, and creates a Windows PE & Linux bootable CD.

EMC Mozy

Mozy offers worry-free cloud data backup, and you can schedule backups to run daily, weekly or monthly. It saves you time, money and headaches, letting you focus on growing your business. In addition to backup, it allows mobile access and file syncing across multiple devices, so you can work on files while you’re out of the office.


With most online backup services, the company housing your data can get access to your files. SpiderOakONE is one of the most secure and privacy-focused backup services available. It has a philosophy called Zero Knowledge, which means that SpiderOak employees have no access to your data. You are the only person with the encryption key, so no one else can get to your data.


Crashplan is an American online backup service developed by Code42. It has the capability to backup Windows, Mac and Linux computers to the cloud. Crashplan is best known for its “Triple Destination Protection,” which is its ability to backup your data to multiple locations. It stores local, offsite and online backups, is easy-to-use, and sends email notifications for inactive computers.

Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is a free award-winning cloning and imaging solution. Use it to protect your personal documents, pictures, music files and emails. Install and run it before you upgrade your hard disk or try a new operating system, and rest assured that everything on your machine is backed up and easily recoverable. Using Macrium Reflect, you can backup to local, network and USB drives, and burn to all DVD formats.

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