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Online personal and business management is a growing problem faced by many people and organizations across the United States. Super Software uses highly-effective strategies to successfully manage the online reputations of both individuals and businesses. We create quality, authentic “digital assets” for you or your business, including: websites, social media accounts, blogs, stories, press releases, and directory listings. In addition, we employ SEO best practices and optimize all of the content for identified search terms (e.g. your name or business name) and get quality backlinks to that created content. This effectively pushes positive results to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


Data shows that 87% of people looking for professional services search online before choosing a business. Take control of your firm’s reputation and don’t let potential clients see negative or misleading information. Let us create high-quality content about your firm and push it out to the search engines, so you can rest assured that positive results will occupy the top spots in the search engines. Call Super Software today at (845) 735-000 to see how we can restore your excellent reputation, and hide any negative results from the top spots in the search engines.


Your Online Reputation Matters

At Super Software, we deal with reputation management for businesses and individuals. The same holds true for both – it is of utmost importance that negative results be pushed down or hidden from the top search results. We employ proven tactics to ensure that the items appearing at the top of the search engines reflect you or your business in a positive manner.


It is vital that you monitor search engine results pertaining to your name and/or business name on a somewhat regular basis. This does not mean that you need to Google yourself daily or even weekly. You should, however, search for your name and/or business once in a while just to make sure that negative or harmful results are not present.


Your reputation on the internet is always important, and especially vital when you are in any of the following situations: applying for college; looking for a job; networking or connecting with coworkers; asking for a promotion or raise; starting a business or developing a partnership; dating; applying for a loan; purchasing a home; attracting new clients; talking to reporters; and more.


Things You Should Know


Content on Private Accounts Can Be Shared

Do you think that your social media profiles are “safe” because they can only be viewed by your friends? Be careful, because anyone that can view your private profile can save images, copy text and freely share any content posted on your profile. If you have to ask yourself whether you should post something, you probably should not.


Review Websites are Powerful

Angie’s List, Yelp, ConsumerReports and many more review websites have thousands of pages, and rank very highly in the search engines. Because of this, they are very powerful, and reviews placed on their sites tend to carry a lot of weight in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.


Google and the Law May Be on Your Side

You may not necessarily be stuck with terrible search engine results. There are some cases in which you can take advantage of online defamation laws to have content removed. Other times, you can even receive monetary compensation for damage to your reputation.


Warning Signs of a Poor Online Reputation


No Information or Inaccurate Results

If someone is searching for you and/or your business online, s/he should be able to find something. Having nothing about you or your business online can be just as bad as negative information. People searching for you online may think you have something to hide or that you haven’t done anything that deserves attention.


Negative Reviews and/or Stories

Sometimes, one negative piece of information can cause devastating results. Whether it’s an arrest, an unhappy client or a crazy former friend, a single piece of terrible content (written, photographic or otherwise) can have unimaginable consequences.


Unsavory Photos

Teachers and other employees have been fired because of a single lewd, drunken or embarrassing photo. If you Google yourself (using a private or incognito window) and find any disrespectful photos of yourself online, you have a problem that needs to be addressed. Of course, the best way to avoid having unsavory photos of you on the internet is to be mindful of your activities. This is not always possible, and people do make mistakes.


Stupid or Hateful Rants

The internet is filled with discussions on every conceivable topic, and a great place to connect with others. Facebook, Twitter, forums and other sites provide a great outlet for expressing your thoughts and opinions. Don’t be reckless, and be smart about things you share. You can potentially ruin your online reputation, and have all kinds of negative terms associated with your name. Anger and profanity are not your friend online, so proceed with caution.


Do You Have a Good Online Reputation?


Accurate Search Results

It is important that most of the search results that show up for you or your business actually apply to you. If you or your business have a popular name, it can be hard to stand out from the others with the same name. When people Google you or your business, they want to find you.


Consistent Information

When you apply for a new job or connect with someone on LinkedIn, chances are that they will look for you on Google as well. It is key that information about you or your business is consistent from site to site, and that the search engines reflect this information properly.


Nothing Embarrassing to Hide

When you Google yourself or your business (in a private or incognito browser window), do you fail to find any embarrassing or unsavory information? This is a good thing, and it means that others will not see damaging information about and/or your business. Whether a photo of a drunken escapade or crazy rant, it’s important that these things stay off the internet.


Active Contributions

Do you have active accounts on social media? People who Google want to see that you actively participate online, whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even your own blog. You want your online activity to reflect that you’re knowledgeable in your area of expertise, whether in your personal or business life.


Reputation Management Benefits

– Promote and optimize positive information about your business

– Effectively control your online image and brand

– Influence what searchers are seeing

– Push negative content down in search results

– Prevent future attacks by building a barrier of “good” results on page #1


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