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Video plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization today, and can help your website attract targeted traffic. There are many programs one can use to create unique, engaging videos that can be uploaded to sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and help you get more visitors to your website.

Super Software knows how to get your videos on the first page of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). We will optimize the titles and meta description of your videos, and include important links to your site in the video’s description. In addition, we can embed the videos on different pages of your website, as well upload them on YouTube and Vimeo. Harness the power of video for your marketing and promotional needs.

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RankedVids: Video Types

Video content is huge on the internet at the moment, and if you’re not using it in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out. With today’s digital camera technology, you don’t need a huge budget or advanced video expertise to create your own internet-ready videos ready for upload. Below, we list 10 ways you can use video to market your company’s products and/or services.

1. Explainer Video

An explainer video is used to describe something in a clear and concise way, and can be displayed on the homepage of your website. Ideally, you want your explainer video to be between 90 seconds and 2 minutes. Make sure to grab your viewer’s attention within the first 15 seconds and end the video with a strong Call-To-Action (CTA).

2. How-To

A great way to build brand loyalty and a following is by teaching people something useful. What better way to do this than creating an in-depth how-to video showing the viewer how to do something, step-by-step? Use a how-to video to for a new product demo, a tutorial or training for a specific service.

3. Educational

Build up your fan base and reputation by showing people that you are an authority in your given field. By showing others that you have expert knowledge in your industry, you will naturally gain followers who could be interested in your product or service. Creating an educational video relevant to your business will give you online credibility.

4. Testimonials

Consumers trust online reviews and testimonials almost as much as personal recommendations. Use this to your advantage by asking your existing clients or customers to provide video testimonials about your product or service. Video testimonials are much more personal than some writing on a website, and will make a bigger impact on potential customers.

5. Vlog

Vlog stands for “video blog.” It is a creative way for you to stay connected to your fans, and keep them updated on the latest trends and events in your industry. You can be fun and creative with your vlog’s format, and feel free to be yourself. Typically, vlog segments are around 2 minutes in length and are transcribed so they double as a blog post.

Explainer Videos, White Board Videos, Spokesperson & Mascot Vids


Keynote comes stock with gorgeous, eye-catching presentation templates that can be totally customized to fit your needs. It has numerous transition and animation effects, and provides effortless export to YouTube and other video services. Keynote is the most visually-appealing and most powerful presentations application ever made, complete with the richest set of export options.


Powtoon delivers a unique and fun solution to creating animated videos for all your marketing needs. There is an extensive collection of cartoon characters that you can use in your video presentations. Designers, animators, voice actors and sound artists all sell their work through the PowToon Marketplace, giving you extensive options regarding the characters you use in your animated creations.


VideoScribe is a UK-based video animation software company which has been a leader in the field, along with rival firm PowToon. Available as a desktop program for both Apple and PC, it touts itself as “the first program on the internet to let anyone create simple, self-made scribe videos.” It also has applications for the iPad and Android, but with limited features. Not sure you want to buy VideoScribe? They offer a FREE 7-Day Trial Offer so you can see if it fits your needs.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is the industry standard for professional filmmakers and motion-graphics artists. You can create kinetic type videos – and many others – using After Effects, and the creative options at your disposal are limitless. The use of kinetic typography has become extremely popular in all sorts of media, from commercials to film and TV show opens and much more. Using Adobe After Effects, you can create your own kinetic typography videos to promote your product or service.

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