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Web Scraping Service Plus!

RevampData is takes information from websites and converts it to a configured online database.   Web scraping (or data extraction) is the act of extracting large amounts of data from websites, then saving that data to a file or database on your computer. This scraped data can then be repurposed for new searches or output. In addition to scraping online content, we also provide screen scraping. We have the ability to scrape content that appears on your screen, from old in-house programs that cannot export data.

A Database Scraping Service…

This could include product information, prices, pictures, databases, contact information or service lists from competitor sites. Super Software can retrieve pertinent data, and help you repurpose that data for a number of different uses. We are the top data extraction company with programmers on staff to help with all your data extraction needs. Not only can we scrape content to get the valuable information you need, we can “re-database” that content and add whatever kind of functionality to it that you may need.

Data Scraping Techniques

You find a list of movies online, searchable by title in alphabetical order (on or other site). Super Software has the ability to scrape this list, collecting all related information from each movie – title, actors, director, production staff, etc. We can then create a new list searchable by actors or review rating (or any combination of other criteria mentioned above). Finally, we will clean-up the output, giving you only the information you need, in a legible, well-organized format.

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Web Scraping Services

Using cutting-edge data extraction software, we are able to do the following: web scraping, web data extraction, screen scraping, web harvesting, web crawling and web macro support for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Among the types of things we can scrape are the following:
– tables and lists
– paginated results
– pages behind login/firewall
– a list of websites

In addition to scraping all kinds of content, we can do the following:
– run custom javascript on scraped data to clean it up
– run Javascript API hooks
– scrape dynamic Ajax content

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The types of information we can scrape include the following:
financial data; social media – Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr, Pinterest; ecommerce – amazon, ebay, apple store; craigslist; IMDB; GitHub; google; bing; events; concerts; tickets; travel and accommodations – flight info, hotels, tickets; contact information for people or businesses – phone numbers, email and physical addresses; schools – elementary, middle and high schools, colleges and universities, specialized trade schools; jobs; reviews and ratings; restaurants; entertainment; non-profits; crime; small businesses; professionals – dentists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects; professional trades – electricians, plumbers, construction; and much more.

If you can think of a type of data, chances are we can effectively scrape to obtain it, then organize it in an effective fashion to meet your needs.

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Super Software has been serving local businesses – in Rockland, Westchester and Bergen Counties – for over two decades, providing a wide range of top-notch computer and IT services. We have the skills and knowledge to complete any project, no matter the size or complexity. We offer personalized, custom solutions to discerning clients – from doctors and lawyers to small businesses and large corporations.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we know what solutions best fit any kind of computer or IT-related problem, and therefore are equipped to help you better than any of the other local IT firms.

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